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The creativity, knowhow, technology and financial resources from all of society is necessary to achieve the SDGs in every context. Without environmental action, achieving SDG by 2030 will be an impossible task. Therefore, VMSSS is continuously working for sustainable environmental action through creating livelihood opportunities for farmers and women in line with mission of Caritas India.
Caritas India (CI) has been recommending member organization to work on key strategic pillars and the following important thematic areas.
  • Disaster Risk reduction by Linking Relief and Rehabilitation to Development (LRRD).
  • Climate Adaptive Agriculture and Food Sovereignty
  • Livelihood and skill development
  • Anti-Human Trafficking & Safe Migration
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Peace Building
  • Restoration of river and waterbodies are expected to achieve several goals of SDG and the mission of CI.
The vision of CI is to form a just and sustaining social order and by upholding values of love, equality and peace. The mission is to restore the human dignity of the poor and marginalized by partnering with intermediary organizations in extending support and advocating for the rights of the people. The vision and mission of CI is realized by
Empowering local communities through poverty alleviation and resilience building programmes to enable them to sustain themselves against all odds.
Promoting the development and growth of local and regional structures.
Encouraging formation of people’s organizations at grassroots to sustain social justice, peace and human development initiatives.
These objectives are in line with the sustainable development goals of the country and the Mission Antyodaya. Of the 29 departments of the Gram Panchayath, the first two deals with agriculture and, land and development. Water becomes the central focus of the agriculture, land development and livelihood of the community.
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