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1. To render an effective Development work to the unreached in the Diocese due to vast and remote areas.

2. To enable the Social and Pastoral apostolate of education, spirituality and inter religious Dialogue

3. To render an effective animation task to the poorest of the poor who are located in and around the four hundred villages of Vallioor zone.

4. To inculcate the spirit of thrift and savings in order to bring about Economic empowerment in the lives of the poor in the locality.

5. To bring about socio-economic, cultural and environmental development among the poorest communities in the target area. In order to translate the above stated vision and mission in to a concrete reality, VMSSS has been working with the poor and marginalized sections of the people in the diocese with due commitment and dedication. The major focus is on Rights Based Approach to development initiatives as to ensure human, gender and democratic rights of the people and livelihood support to guarantee socio-economic upliftment.”


Operational Areaand the People:

In order to translate its vision and mission, VMSSS has identified marginalized groups and initiated specific activities to bring about lasting changes in their lives. Keeping in mind the existing socio -economic conditions of the region, VMSSS works for the empowerment and development of the disadvantaged sections of people:
Poor orphan and semi orphan children, resource poor women, and marginalized people groups such as Dalits, Tribal’s, abysmally poor people, and voiceless people such as those working in informal sector.”



Child Care, Disability, Health care, Women Empowerment, Informal sector workers Empowerment, Disaster Preparedness & environment protection & Human rights”
Tirunelveli District was formed in 1790 by the East India Company. Later it came under the direct control of the British Crown Queen Victoria. The district is located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. Tirunelveli district is surrounded by Viruthunagar district in the north, Thoothukudy district in the east, in the south by Gulf of Mannar and by Kerala State in the west and Kanyakumari in the southwest. The District lies between 08º08’09’’N to 09º24’30’’N Latitude, 77º08’30’’E to 77º58’30’’E Longitude and has an area extent of 6810 sq.km. There are 19 Blocks, 425 Villages and 2579 Habitations in the District. This District has three Revenue Divisions comprising of 11 Taluks, 19 Development Blocks, 628 Revenue Villages and 425 Village Panchayats”


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